Pipeline construction

The production, welding, modification and repair of piping systems of any kind, whether according to drawing, isometry, samples or own oversize is one of the many years of experience of our expert employees.

Whether industry or shipping, the various piping systems have been part of our job for decades, such as:

• seawater
• fresh water
• Steam
• Hydraulics
• oil
• Fuel
• gas
• ballast
• Air
• Pneumatic controls 

Our pipe builders and welders process pipes of various materials such as steel, galvanized steel, copper and CuNiFe.

All from one hand

Through the various fields of activity within our company and the RS Group, we offer our customers the complete package.

From planning, manufacturing, welding and piping laying to completion, you can put all work steps in our hands.

Everyone can speak of quality.
– We offer quality with letter and seal  

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