Cutting technology

Our mechanical workshop is responsible for all repairs and new production fitted. Lathes, milling benches, drills, saws and a boring machine are available for this purpose.

Our master and spindle lathe with a max. Workpiece weight up to 7.0 to. has a spindlepassage of 70 mm and a turning diameter over the slide of 550 mm. The peak width is 4000 mm.

The components manufactured by us are used in many areas, such. As in shipbuilding or vehicle construction, on cranes, in bridge construction, plant and machinery, as well as in the productindustry. 

Drilling and milling machine for large components

Table length: 1200 mm
Table width: 1000 mm
Spindle- ⌀: 110 mm
X 1400 mm
Y: 1000 mm
Z: 1000 mm
max. Workpiece weight 7,5 to.

Everyone can speak of quality.
We offer quality with letter and seal!

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