Maintenance, servicing and repair work

We offer support for problems with your machines and the overhaul of engines. Our specialists will gladly assist you in the maintenance and possible repair work or in the manufacture of new components.

Our qualified technical staff carries out maintenance, repair and repair work on machines, units and systems in ship operation or industrial plants.

We offer maintenance and repair work on site or at our factory. Your installed equipment will be serviced and maintained by our qualified mechanics upon request. In addition, we are happy to prepare concepts for modernizing your systems.

New construction, maintenance or repair of the following plants


For optimum compressed
air generation.

Centrifugal Pumps

In every conceivable
size and capacity.


 From 1 to 2,500 kVA in hood or
container construction.


Radiator and heat exchanger
made of aluminum.


On the expansion and repair of large components such. B. Winches are specialized by our staff. Through our large halls and our modern equipment park, we can machine components up to a total weight of 60 tons.  

Drive Systems

Benefit from our many years of experience in dealing with motors for drive and conveyor technology. For new construction or renovation, our trained staff will undertake the installation, maintenance or repair with the necessary expertise.

Maintenance of machines for more safety

Whether small or large, old or new, regular maintenance by the specialist increases the longevity and operational safety of the machine. Regular maintenance could save costs and improve safety for your employees! This includes a thorough cleaning of the technical equipment, the lubrication, greasing of components, the tightening of z. B. bearings, timing belts and the replacement of worn parts and seals.

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